Coleman’s Family Services (CFS) is a private, community based agency.
Counseling services are provided to children and their families by a professionally trained staff member. Our general approach is to work with both youth and families to assess individual and family needs, develop specific treatment goals, and work together in counseling to achieve these goals. Clients are expected to share relevant information and participate actively in all counseling sessions. In providing services, our counselors draw primarily on a counseling model that understands behavioral problems within the context of family relationships and the social environment.
Coleman's Family Services was founded by Alice Coleman.
Here are her own words as to why she started this organization.
"I have worked with families and youth as an Educator since 1970. I have a passion for working with families of color through out King & Pierce Counties. When I retired from Renton School District in 2004 as a high school administrator I realized I wanted to continue to serve families in crisis, so I launched CFS in 2007.
The agency started out serving families via Department of Socials & Health Services (DSHS) Contracts, then grew into a Mental Agency in 2010, serving families in King County.
The reward of healing, guiding and serving families is what I believe is needed and helps to bring our communities together. "
Alice Mae Coleman
Hayward Jr.JPG
Hayward Coleman Jr.
Assistant Director

Associate of Applied Science Degree, Seattle Central CC

Bachelor of Arts Degree, Western Washington State College

Western Washington University 1999

 K-12 Principal Credential

Retired in 2006, Vice Principal from Renton School District. Her passion to continue working with youth and families lead her to contracting with DSHS/Youth and family Services in King, Snohomish and Pierce Counties. Created and Taught course "Understanding Cultural Differences" Central, North & South Community colleges, Seattle U, and Western Washington University.  

She is a highly Respected Educator worked in the Educational systems for 30+ Years as Home School Liaison, Certified Vocational Counselor at Renton Vocational /Technical College, and working in both Seattle and Renton Public schools.

Earned a Masters of Arts in Psychology, concentrating in Couple and Family Therapy from Antioch University Seattle. In addition to individual, couple, and family therapy, he is also a certified Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) therapist. His theoretical perspective is best described as brief evidenced-based, relational, client centered, and outcomes-focused. He also integrates a systemic lens with an emphasis on cognitive-behavioral therapy when needed. He believes that a system as a whole is interconnected, and these connections between each member/part influences whether the system is balanced or not. When one part of the system is out of alignment, problems and issues elicit throughout the system, forcing individuals or subsystems to react. Since physical, social and emotional functioning of family members is profoundly interdependent, with changes in one part of the system reverberating in other parts, he often meets with entire family units in order to reinforce necessary change.